Bike Repairs and Servicing

It is extremely important that to keep your bike in good condition especially with the Cyprus riding conditions. A well maintained bike performs at its best and is a pleasure to ride and ensures that your components last longer.

We have full workshop and servicing facilities to keep your bike running smoothly, with the best equipped workshop we are happy to do a puncture repairs or a full strip down and rebuild of your pride and joy.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and professional repair service. Give us a call to book your cycle for repair or just drop it in.

How Often should I service my bike?

Depending on how often you use your bike, it should be serviced once every six to twelve months. If it it is used occasionally for leisure use then twelve monthly will be enough but on the other hand if its used daily then you should be getting it service every six months.

Any Make, Any Model

Even though we sell our own brands, we are more than happy to work on all types of bikes from road bikes to mountain bikes, hybrids to BMX bikes. We will even undertake electric bikes, wheel chairs and push chairs. If in doubt, give us a call on 22 330470 to discuss what you need.

Suspension Fork Servicing

We have the knowledge and experience to service pretty much any suspension fork of any age. We have a fully equipped workshop and knowledgeable staff to service or repair your forks quickly and with confidence that they will feel like new again.

We recommend servicing your suspension forks at least once a year, more if you use them heavily on the Cyprus trails. Like all things mechanical, if you look after them well, they will give you years of quality serving as well as making your ride just that bit more enjoyable.

Give us a call on 22 330470 to tell us your model and year of fork and we can discuss your fork servicing requirements.