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Mavic Ksyrium Elite S Wheelset With Tires

The famous Ksyrium Elite enlightened further! True to its precedent of offering the high end technlogies usually reserved for only top of the line models, the Ksyrium Elite S takes another step forward to achieve weight savings matched by only a few wheels. This performance is enhanced even more with new extra light Yksion Pro tires. 

ISM lightened rims reduces inertia by 30% and the low profile front rim reduces rotational masses to provide easier steering The hub design to keep weight as low as possible. Wider wheel dish thanks to asymmetrical rear rim Isopulse lacing provides better spoke tension balance for high stiffness under high loads. The optimized bearing positioning reduces axle flexion thus wheel deflection. 

The Yksion Pro GripLink tire is the right tire when grip makes the difference. Rely on the Yksion Pro GripLink features to make the difference in cornering. It has been thought to match with performance of Mavic front wheel-tire system. The Yksion Pro PowerLink is the ideal tire when responsiveness makes the difference. Rely on the Yksion Pro PowerLink features to make the difference in accelerations. It has been thought to match with performance of Mavic rear wheel-tire system. The combination of Yksion GripLink on front and Yksion PowerLink on the rear is the perfect wheel-tire set for the most demanding athletes. 

Fore – By drilling only one rim wall, Mavic made the rim four times more resistant to fatigue stress. All your energy is transmitted through a 40% increase in rigidity.
Maxtal – Exclusive to Mavic. An aluminum alloy that is 30% more resistant than a 6106 alloy for lighter and spicier rims.
Isopulse – This spoke lacing design and mounting brings better wheel stability, a constant spoke tension and a crystal clear transmission of energy.
FTS-L (Force Transfer System Light) – The reinforcement of the key transmission components brings a lighter and stronger hub to allow the energy to flow freely to the entire wheel.
ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) – Since the rim wall between each spoke hole is subjected to very little stress, it is possible to mill it to save weight. The rim is CNC machined, leaving just the necessary material to obtain the best weight/rigidity/durability ratio. SUP (Soudé Usiné Process) – A welded and milled rim joint which is extremely strong, eliminates shuddering when braking and offers superior wheel balance.
UB Control (Usiné Brut Control) – The braking surfaces are milled to improve braking friction and eliminate shuddering.
QRM+ (Qualité Roulements Mavic Plus) – Mavic Quality Bearings Plus. 

Tire technology:
GripLINK A good tire, must fully liberate the wheel’s potential and even enhance its performance. Therefore, the expected benefits of the front tire are different from the rear one. GripLink clinchers are optimized for front use. The safest grip with great steering control: Dual compound “S+” with added Silica. Hold the road in any situation: light and supple high density casing. Reduced risk of flats: strong Nylon anti-puncture breaker.
PowerLINK clinchers are optimized for rear use. Superior energy transfer, reduced rolling resistance and safe grip: Dual compound. Improved ride: light and supple high density casing. Higher durability and reduced risk of flats: Dual compound and strong Nylon anti-puncture breaker. 

Clean with a dry cloth or soap and water. Do not use pressurized water. 

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