Elite Su-Sta
Elite Su-Sta

Height adjustment front wheel support. Simulate both flat terrain and slopes perfectly!

  • Unique design with 5 levels lets you adjust the height of your front wheel to simulate hill climbs up to 6%
  • Anti-slip rubber feet eliminate handlebar vibrations
  • Internal design that guarantees maximum wheel stability
  • Suitable for both road and Mtb
  • You can attach to the trainer frame when not in use for easy transport and storage
Elite Novo Force
Elite Novo Force

Top resistance unit, innovative frame: excellence renewed

  • 8 resistance levels adjustable by a practical selector on the handlebar.
  • Use the Misuro B+ sensor for compatibility with the My E-Training or third party appsNovo frame: integration of steel and technological plastic materials.
  • Magnetic resistance unit, very compact.
  • Maximum stability at high speeds or at maximum effort guaranteed by the absorbing structure of the frame.
  • Lifting of the bicycle is limited to the minimum.
  • Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single quick operation.
  • New adjustable support system, allowing an adequate and constant pressure between the roller and tyre.
  • 30 mm diameter elastogel roller.
  • The training roller folds up easily and becomes compact for easy transport or storage when not in use.
  • Adapts to all wheels from 24” to 29”.
Elite Qubo Fluid
Elite Qubo Fluid

Our most powerful fluid unit ever, train simply in silence!

A large flywheel completely immersed in oil enables high resistance levels to be obtained even at low speed.
  • Unit 100% more powerful compared to a standard fluid.
  • Qubo frame for rapid initial set-up, roller pressure is set automatically by rider weight, no calibration required.
  • Thanks to the exclusive compass system, the frame moves to simulate the behaviour of the bicycle on the road.
  • Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single action.
  • Use the Misuro B+ sensor for compatibility with the My E-Training or third party apps.
  • Elastogel roller with increased diameter (45mm) for even less noise and better tyre grip.
  • Folds up quickly for easy transport or storage when not in use.
Qubo Digital Smart B+
Qubo Digital Smart B+

Supplied with qubo frame. Includes the compass Crono system that faithfully reproduces road-like conditions (weight/power)!

  • Extremely stable frame.
  • Fast fixing locking system.
  • Elastogel roller: 50% less noise, reduces tire wear by 20% and improves tire grip.
  • Ideal for: Road bikes with 20”-29” wheels, Mountain bikes with 20”-29” wheels
  • Total interaction between App/Software/Devices with ANT+ trainers (FE-C) protocol
  • Wireless magnetic hometrainer with electronic resistance adjustment and Elastogel roller.
  • Develops a wide range of electronically managed resistance.
  • ANT+ Wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmission.
  • 12 months of free App My E-Training. “Level training” is free to use without limit.
Elite Drivo
Elite Drivo


Perfection has finally become a reality. The Drivo hometrainer measures power output with extreme accuracy. The Drivo’s precision is unprecedented making it unique among hometrainers.

Key Features


    No wheel slippage; the Drivo is ideal for cadence, power and sprint-based training sessions.

    The high power output at lower speeds allows Drivo to simulate slopes up to 24%.

    The frame is very stable and can be folded quickly when not in use.


    Drivo can be used with both road and mountain bikes.

Elite Wireless
Elite Wireless

Digital home trainer with coded wireless communication between resistance unit and handlebar display.

  • Fluid resistance unit
  • Super Crono frame
  • Fast fixing damping mechanism
  • Large display with 16 functions
  • Large Elastogel roller
  • Travel block support included

Available information from the console (16 functions)

  • Power: current/average/maximum
  • Speed: current/average/maximum
  • Grade: average grade/evaluation gain
  • Distance: average/total
  • Racetime: average/total
  • Indicator NM indicates if the current speed higher (M) or lower (N) that the average speed
  • Flat battery indicator
Elite Hydromag
Elite Hydromag

Magnetic technology and fluid technology. The synergy of these two forces makes Hydromag a trainer that offers matchless performance; magnetic adjustment and fluid smoothness.

Hydromag is also available in the digital version,
with Plus Unit console (16 functions)

  • Exclusive magnetic and fluid resistance unit
  • 45 mm over-size Elastogel roller
  • 5 adjustable resistance levels
  • Fast fixing clamping mechanism
  • Frame Super Crono
Elite Power Fluid
Elite Power Fluid

Resistance unit based on fluid technology plus Super Crono frame: Powerfluid is the quietest, most powerful and easiest trainer there is.

  • Resistance unit: 100% more powerful than a standard fl uid unit
  • Super Crono frame
  • Elastogel roller with increased diameter (45 mm)
  • Fast Fixing Clamping mechanism


Giant Cyclotron Mag
Giant Cyclotron Mag

Winter is the perfect time to prepare for next season – put in the miles in the comfort of your home with Cyclotron. The Mag trainer features smooth magnetic resistance in a folding lightweight steel frame that provides a stable base and is easily transported and stored. Fits wheels from 24″ to 29″.


Frame: Lightweight steel frame
Type: Magnetic
Roller: 50mm roller
Fly wheel: Small fly wheel
Fits: Wheel 24″ to 29″
Set up: Single dial adjustment, cam locking arm
Extra: Tough steel qui