Giant SureLock Flex Combo 12 (2022)
Giant SureLock Flex Combo 12 (2022)

Giant Surelock Flex Combo 12 is a 12mm heavy duty flexible cable with a resettable 4 digit combination lock, tough vinyl cover and a quick release mounting bracket.


  • 12mm Heavy Duty flexible cable
  • Lock: Resettable 4 digit combo
  • Tough vinyl cover
  • Qr mounting bracket
Giant SureLock Flex Key 15 (2022)
Giant SureLock Flex Key 15 (2022)

Giant Surelock Flex Key 15 is a tough, flexible coil lock featuring X2p Double bolt locking mechanism, a quick release mounting bracket with 4 standard and 1 LED key.


  • 15mm Heavy Duty flexible cable
  • Lock: X2p Double bolt locking mechanism
  • M-Key cylinder
  • 4 standard keys and 1 LED key
  • Quick release mounting bracket
Giant SureLock Gumi Cable Lock 70cm (2022)
Giant SureLock Gumi Cable Lock 70cm (2022)


  • Light, colorful and flexible silicon cover prevents scratches
  • 4-digit set your own combination
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available in five colors
CicloMaster CM 2.1
CicloMaster CM 2.1
The ideal cycle computer for beginners and those bikers who want to focus on the essential – biking. It works full automatically, without buttons and shows all necessary data on a three line display. The basic settings can be controlled very easily with two pins on the back of the computer.

Delivery scope 
CM 2.1, handlebar bracket and sensor, spoke magnet and mounting materials 


  • black/silver
  • black
CicloMaster CM 4.1
CicloMaster CM 4.1
This button and wireless cycle computer is designed for bikers, who want to focus on the essential – biking, freedom and fun. CM 4.1 is works full automatically, without buttons and shows all necessary data on a three line display. The basic settings can be controlled very easily with two pins on the back of the computer.

Delivery scope 
CM 4.1, handlebar bracket and sensor, spoke magnet and mounting materials 


  • silver/black
  • black
CicloMaster CM 4.2
CicloMaster CM 4.2
The CM 4.2 is the perfect attender for the ambitious cyclist on ample tours. Due to the TwoInOne system it is possible to use two different wheel circumferences. The CM 4.2 there-fore can be used for two bikes and be upgraded with optional cadence reading and heart rate monitor.

Delivery scope 

  • CM 4.2, handlebar bracket, sensor, spoke magnet and mounting materials
  • Optional: wrist band (for jogging computer use)


CicloMaster CM 4.4
CicloMaster CM 4.4
With his altimeter functions the CM 4.4A is a real summiteer. The multi function computer for athletic orientated cyclists for who every meter counts, informs with up to 44 functions ex-actly about highs and lows of every tour. Due to the optional cadence function one can easily control the effectiveness of the training. Valuable clues in regards to the accurate kick can be given by the optional cadence function.

Delivery scope 

  • CM 4.4 A, handlebar bracket and sensor, spoke magnet and mounting materials
  • Optional: wrist band (for jogging computer use)



Visit our shop for a great variety of classic bicycles and spares from 1996!

Elite bottle cage Custom Race
Elite bottle cage Custom Race

Custom Race

Used by more Champions than any other cage of the past decade, the custom race is a modern racing icon

  • Custom Race is the bottlecage most used by Pro Tour Teams
  • Painted fiber-reinforced (FRP) painted material
  • Glass fibre-reinforced polyamide construction is durable, supple and attractive.
  • Adjustable elastomer rubber, adapts to bottle shapes and absorbs vibration
  • Available in the fluorescent colors and new soft touch version
  • Perfect for hard riding
  • Perfect for any ride, from your Sunday run to the Champs-Élysées
Elite Byasi Storage Bottle
Elite Byasi Storage Bottle

A spacious and easy to use tool case!

A stylish reinterpretation of the classic ‘tool bidon’ as used by many pros when training!

  • Keeps your tools, tubes, keys and phone safe and dry whilst out on a ride.
  • Innovative divider allows you to keep your personal effects separate from your tools and spares
  • Standard diameter (ø 74mm)
  • Available in white or black colour
Elite Drivo
Elite Drivo


Perfection has finally become a reality. The Drivo hometrainer measures power output with extreme accuracy. The Drivo’s precision is unprecedented making it unique among hometrainers.

Key Features


    No wheel slippage; the Drivo is ideal for cadence, power and sprint-based training sessions.

    The high power output at lower speeds allows Drivo to simulate slopes up to 24%.

    The frame is very stable and can be folded quickly when not in use.


    Drivo can be used with both road and mountain bikes.

Elite Hydromag
Elite Hydromag

Magnetic technology and fluid technology. The synergy of these two forces makes Hydromag a trainer that offers matchless performance; magnetic adjustment and fluid smoothness.

Hydromag is also available in the digital version,
with Plus Unit console (16 functions)

  • Exclusive magnetic and fluid resistance unit
  • 45 mm over-size Elastogel roller
  • 5 adjustable resistance levels
  • Fast fixing clamping mechanism
  • Frame Super Crono
Elite Novo Force
Elite Novo Force

Top resistance unit, innovative frame: excellence renewed

  • 8 resistance levels adjustable by a practical selector on the handlebar.
  • Use the Misuro B+ sensor for compatibility with the My E-Training or third party appsNovo frame: integration of steel and technological plastic materials.
  • Magnetic resistance unit, very compact.
  • Maximum stability at high speeds or at maximum effort guaranteed by the absorbing structure of the frame.
  • Lifting of the bicycle is limited to the minimum.
  • Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single quick operation.
  • New adjustable support system, allowing an adequate and constant pressure between the roller and tyre.
  • 30 mm diameter elastogel roller.
  • The training roller folds up easily and becomes compact for easy transport or storage when not in use.
  • Adapts to all wheels from 24” to 29”.
Elite Power Fluid
Elite Power Fluid

Resistance unit based on fluid technology plus Super Crono frame: Powerfluid is the quietest, most powerful and easiest trainer there is.

  • Resistance unit: 100% more powerful than a standard fl uid unit
  • Super Crono frame
  • Elastogel roller with increased diameter (45 mm)
  • Fast Fixing Clamping mechanism


Elite Qubo Fluid
Elite Qubo Fluid

Our most powerful fluid unit ever, train simply in silence!

A large flywheel completely immersed in oil enables high resistance levels to be obtained even at low speed.
  • Unit 100% more powerful compared to a standard fluid.
  • Qubo frame for rapid initial set-up, roller pressure is set automatically by rider weight, no calibration required.
  • Thanks to the exclusive compass system, the frame moves to simulate the behaviour of the bicycle on the road.
  • Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single action.
  • Use the Misuro B+ sensor for compatibility with the My E-Training or third party apps.
  • Elastogel roller with increased diameter (45mm) for even less noise and better tyre grip.
  • Folds up quickly for easy transport or storage when not in use.
Elite Skekane Triathlon adaptor
Elite Skekane Triathlon adaptor

SkekaneKit for fitting under the saddle, for carrying bottles and cycling accessories

  • Includes mounting bracket for 2 CO2 refills, 2 straps, stainless steel screws
  • Lightweight and durable in aluminium
  • Aerodynamic, adaptable and adjustable according to needs
  • Compatible with all normal standard metal and carbon saddle rails
Elite Su-Sta
Elite Su-Sta

Height adjustment front wheel support. Simulate both flat terrain and slopes perfectly!

  • Unique design with 5 levels lets you adjust the height of your front wheel to simulate hill climbs up to 6%
  • Anti-slip rubber feet eliminate handlebar vibrations
  • Internal design that guarantees maximum wheel stability
  • Suitable for both road and Mtb
  • You can attach to the trainer frame when not in use for easy transport and storage
Elite Suito Indoor Bike Trainer
Elite Suito Indoor Bike Trainer

Suito is the latest major innovation in Elite’s indoor bike trainer range.

Powerful, solid and quiet, Suito is an interactive hometrainer designed to offer you an easy, realistic and accurate indoor bike training experience.  This is Elite’s first direct-drive hometrainer that comes totally pre-assembled out of the box, as it features a pre-installed Shimano 11-speed cassette.  Through a quick and easy Plug&Play setup and a thin and compact outline, Suito ensures max compatibility with most bicycles, setting itself as one of the most performing and easy to use hometrainers that a cyclist could hope for.  Powerful, stable, accurate.  Ready for use.  Are you ready?

Direct transmission

If you want to get the best from your indoor bike trainer workouts, you need to choose the best option – that is a direct-drive hometrainer. Suito is part of the range of hometrainers with direct transmission of power output, which has the advantage to ensure more accuracy, no skipping even during the most intense sprints, quietness and no tyre wear, precisely because this type of hometrainer does not involve any direct contact of the bicycle and the roller. The streamlined and compact design of the Suito ensures compatibility with most bicycle models on the market. Download the technical specifications at the bottom of the page to find out which bicycles are compatible with the hometrainer and all the adapters included in the box!

Easy to transport, practical to power up

Suito features a practical integrated handle, designed to let you easily transport your hometrainer anytime, at home or at the gym. Another key feature of the Suito is the cable channel on its back, designed to protect connectors and avoid any accidental disconnection.


As it’s a direct transmission hometrainer, Suito does not involve any contact between wheel and roller, so every indoor bike training session is really quiet. The compact structure that leaves no room for any resonance and the perfectly balanced flywheel that avoids even the slightest vibrations ensure the quietness you’re looking for in your bike training workouts. The only noise you’ll hear when pedalling on the hometrainer will be the bike’s chain when you shift gears while training.

Ready for use

The key feature os the Suito is its quick Plug&Play configuration, ready for use. The hometrainer comes pre-assembled, no legs to install, and features a Shimano® 105 (11-28) 11-speed cassette. It’s perfect to be used right away, out of the box. Ready to pedal?

Plug & Play

Among Elite’s interactive hometrainers range, Suito is innovative as it features a practical Plug&Play configuration, designed to let you experience right away a quick and easy indoor bike training session.
Suito comes with a pre-installed Shimano® 11-speed cassetteand is characterised by its fully assembled structure, ideal for you to start your indoor cycling sessions right away. As you don’t need to assemble the sprocket cassette or the legs of the hometrainer, you just have to place your bike on the hometrainer and connect to a power source. Total setup time: less than five minutes.

Exclusive design

The sturdy steel structure is another distinctive feature of this hometrainer – it’s ideal to ensure stability and durability even during the most intense sprints. Elegant and aggressive, solid and powerful – Suito features a wider support base with pre-assembled legs, designed to automatically lock in place when unfolded. It’s everything you need to start your indoor cycling training workouts as quickly as possible.
Moreover, the streamlined design ensures compatibility with various bicycle models and sprocket sets on the market. Suito is also designed to ensure reduced clutter wherever you are: its slim profile, integrated handle and reduced size make it easy to transport and store it, no need to worry about how much space it’ll take up.

Precise and powerful

How many advantages could we offer you to further your goals at each workout? The answer is: power, accuracy, interactivity.
Suito simulates slopes up to 15% with ± 2,5% accuracy. These numbers put it squarely among our most performing interactive hometrainers. With more than 1900 watts resistance at 40 km/h speed, Suito is definitely one of the most powerful hometrainers available, the ideal tool to release all your strength even the most demanding sprints.
It also features many functions designed to supply a complete power measurement system, to give you an accurate workout experience

Train on Zwift and My E-Training!

Through the cooperation between Elite and Zwift, everyone purchasing the Suito will enjoy a free 1-month subscription to Zwift and a free 12-month subscription to My E-Training, available on desktop and mobile.

This is another hometrainer that’s in the range of ANT+™ FE-C & Bluetooth interactive hometrainers that interact with every app, software, computer and device (smartphones and tablets) via iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. Just choose the software, select the course or training program and start pedalling on your bike. Suito will automatically adjust resistance.
Discover all the software you can use with Suito: other than Zwift and My E-Training, you can also manage it with all other indoor cycling platforms such as TrainerRoad, Kinomap, Rouvy, The Sufferfest, Bikevo and many more.

Sensorless cadence

All hometrainers by Elite immediately send power, speed and cadence data, thus setting themselves as effective instruments to build an accurate training program and replicated outdoor workouts as much as possible. Cadence is measured via a practical sensorless technology (that is, no sensors to apply to your bicycle) and is calculated on the Suito as a function of speed variations.

Elite Thermos Iceberg 2hours
Elite Thermos Iceberg 2hours

IcebergThermal efficiency and ergonomic design for a superior level sports bottle

Thermal efficiency and ergonomic design for a superior level sports bottle

  • Isothermal double wall structure
  • Thermal performance: up to 2 hours with cold liquid
  • Bottle body in transparent easy-squeeze polyethylene
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Cap with soft rubber push-pull nozzle and protective cap
  • Capacity: 500 and 650 ml
Elite Thermos Nanogelite 4hours
Elite Thermos Nanogelite 4hours

Squeezable thermal bottle with Nanogel insulating material

Twin bottle construction fully wrapped in Nanogel®, the best and lightest solid insulating material in the world

  • Maintain temperatures for up to 4 hours with cold liquid
  • Bottle in particularly soft, transparent squeeze material, that facilitates delivery of the liquid
  • New triple-function cap with soft rubber push-pull nozzle
  • Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape
  • Capacity: 500, 650ml



Elite Vaison
Elite Vaison

Extra strong hard case, with double wall in high-density polyethylene!

  • Compatible with road and mountain bikes, with suspension and disc brakes, with frame sizes up to 62 cm
  • Fitting the bicycle inside the case is particularly easy thanks to the hinges that allow 180° opening of the two shells similar to that of suitcases
  • The four fasteners with incorporated lock prevent possible theft of components during transport
  • The two handles located on the sides of the case enable lifting and carrying is facilitated  by the bottom wheels
Elite Wireless
Elite Wireless

Digital home trainer with coded wireless communication between resistance unit and handlebar display.

  • Fluid resistance unit
  • Super Crono frame
  • Fast fixing damping mechanism
  • Large display with 16 functions
  • Large Elastogel roller
  • Travel block support included

Available information from the console (16 functions)

  • Power: current/average/maximum
  • Speed: current/average/maximum
  • Grade: average grade/evaluation gain
  • Distance: average/total
  • Racetime: average/total
  • Indicator NM indicates if the current speed higher (M) or lower (N) that the average speed
  • Flat battery indicator
Elite Workstand Race Pro
Elite Workstand Race Pro

The world best professional cycling teams trust Elite Workstand Race for the maintenance of the bikes and get ready for the race!

Take care of your passion
  • Extremely light, made from aluminium
  • All the components are rustproof and very strong
  • Folds quickly and compactly for easy transport to events
  •  Bike support snaps securely into position and then folds easily, by simply pressing a trigger
  •  Used by Pro Tour teams
  • Maximum load: 17 kg


Enterpid 2 seater child trailer
Enterpid 2 seater child trailer

Entrepid 2 seater child trailer is designed to go where you go!

Any young budding exploder will be happy to sit and watch their latest adventure unfold!


  • 400D fabric
  • UV proof
  • 16″ wheels
Giant Advanced Road Dropouts
Giant Advanced Road Dropouts

Giant's new anodised components are perfect for transforming the look of your ride. Suitable for a wide range of models in a choice of colours; give your bike the personal touch.

• TCR Advanced drop out
• Two bolt fitting
• Anodised finish
• Fits:
• 09-10 Avail & Defy Advanced
• 10 Avail & Defy alliance
• 10 Dash & Rapid
• 05-08 Ocr Composite
• 05-10 Tcr Advanced & Advanced & Advanced SL
• 07-08 Tcr Composite

Giant Connect Ergo Max Lock on Grips
Giant Connect Ergo Max Lock on Grips

Giant Contact Alloy Bar Ends provide you with an alternative position for comfort and control, featuring ergonomic shape for comfort, rubberised thumb plate for grip and a durable anodised finish.

– Rubberised thumb plate
– Triangulated shape for maximum comfort
– Durable anodised finish
– S/S mounting hardware

Giant Connect Gel Bar Tape (Various colours)
Giant Connect Gel Bar Tape (Various colours)

Giant Connect Gel Handlebar Tape reduces road vibration using gel with a dual colour desing, end plugs and finishing tape.

– Anti-vibration Gel
– Dual colour design
– Includes Giant bar endplugs and finishing tape

Giant Connect SL Drop Bar
Giant Connect SL Drop Bar

Giant Connect SL Drop Bar Road Handlebar is a great upgrade for your road bike, featuring lightweight aluminium construction, ergonomic dual radius for comfort and compatible with clip-on aero bars for triathlons.

– AL2014 alloy bar
– Dual radius drop for comfort
– Clip on compatible
– Wide range of sizes for men, women

Giant Connect SL Seat Post
Giant Connect SL Seat Post

Performance, lightweight and comfortable—the infinite-adjust head design on the Connect SL seatpost offers fine-tuned positioning for all-day comfort to help you ride farther and faster.

• Spiral wound, unidirectional composite shaft bonded to 2D forged 6061 alloy head
• Alloy rail clamp reverses between 12mm and 23mm offsets
• Extra long lower rail clamp is friendly with lightweight rails

Giant Connect SL Stem
Giant Connect SL Stem

Engineered to offer maximum stiffness at the lowest possible weight. The box section design ensures accurate, precise handling with all-day comfort to help you ride farther and faster.

– Single-piece 3D forged 6061 body
– +/- 8-degree rise, requires fewer headset spacers
– 46mm Wide handlebar clamp and oversize box section

Giant Connect SL XC Riser Bar
Giant Connect SL XC Riser Bar

Giant Connect SL XC Mountain Bike Riser Bars feature AL2014 alloy construction with 9 degrees rearward and 6 degrees upward sweep.

– AL2014 alloy, riser style.
– 620mm or 670mm, 9° rearward / 6° upward sweep
– Laser etched setup markings
– Colour: White

Giant Contact Drop Bar
Giant Contact Drop Bar

Giant Contact Road Bike Handlebars feature very light 7050 aluminium alloy construction, with dual radius drop and contoured top profile for increased control and comfort.

– Contact road handlebar
– Very light (270 grams), 7050 aluminium alloy construction
– 31.8 clamp diameter, 40 / 42 / 44cm width options
– 90mm reach, 135mm drop
– Dual radius drop with contoured top profile for increased control and comfort
– Incremental set up information for precise adjustment
– Clip on compatible

Giant Contact Forward SLR saddle
Giant Contact Forward SLR saddle

Giant performance saddles feature Dynamic Cycling Fit philosophy to help you find the perfect fit for your body, your position and your riding style. Developed and raced by Giant pros, including 2017 Giro d’Italia champion Tom Dumoulin of Team Sunweb, each Contact SLR and Contact SL model is available in three different options (Forward, Neutral or Upright) based on the unique contact angle of a rider’s pelvis while riding!

Key Features

  • High performance material specification
  • Vacuum formed strong, durable high-quality microfiber cover
  • Lightweight foam fill
  • Strategically placed Particle Flow Technology
  • Carbon Composite base material
  • Carbon Fiber Rails


Giant Contact Gel Bar Tape
Giant Contact Gel Bar Tape

Giant Contact Gel Handlebar Tape reduces road vibration using gel with a non-slip suede effect Giant embossed finish, weighing just 56g.

– Embossed with GIANT logo
– Non-slip suede effect surface
– Anti-vibration Gel
– Includes Giant Bar end plugs and finishing tape
– Thickness: 2.2mm
– Weight: 56g

Giant Contact OD2 Stem
Giant Contact OD2 Stem

Giant Contact OverDrive 2 Stem is a lightweight 7050 aluminium alloy stem, featuring 3D forged single-piece shaft construction for stiffness, comfort and precision handling.

– Very light, 7050 aluminium alloy 3D forged single-piece shaft construction
– 31.8mm diameter with shim for 28.6mm steerer tube
– 31.8mm clamp diameter with 46mm handlebar clamping area
– Flip flop +/-8° angle adjustment
– Recessed top cap and semi integrated first spacer for increased steerer tube interface
– Titanium hardware

Giant Contact Pump for Suspension Forks
Giant Contact Pump for Suspension Forks

WHEN IT COMES TO ESSENTIAL CYCLING GEAR, THE PUMP RANKS HIGH. AIR UP YOUR TYRES, GRAB YOUR MINI PUMP AND GO. Giant's full line of Control Tower floor pumps, Control Mini and Pocket pumps will keep you rolling with ease. User friendly, efficient and full of features so you can spend more time riding. Features – 300 psi (20 bar) removable gauge for easy storage on or off the bike – Foldable hose and T-handle – 2-3 psi micro-adjust bleeder button – Rubber armoured gauge prevents damage and increases accuracy and longevity – Double function inflates shocks and tyres with included Presta adapter.